Top 5 things to see in Cardiff

Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, is a vibrant and exciting destination that is full of history, culture, and modern amenities. With so much to see and do, it can be difficult to know where to start. In this article, we will explore the top 5 things to see in Cardiff, from historic landmarks to modern attractions.

top things to see in cardiff

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle is a must-see attraction in the heart of the city. This stunning medieval fortress was built in the 11th century and has been transformed over the years into a Victorian Gothic masterpiece. Visitors can take guided tours of the castle to learn about its rich history and explore the castle’s many rooms, including the opulent Banqueting Hall and the atmospheric underground wartime shelters. Read More

Fear of flying tips – Overcoming the fear of flying phobia

Many of us take our seat on board the airplane and do not think twice about flying but unfortunately for those with a fear of flying, it can be a traumatic experience and despite airlines offering huge discounts their decision is often to simply not fly.

Negativity towards flying

Aerophobia, aviophobia or aviatonphobia, which is commonly referred to as Fear of Flying, is not restricted to just flights and flying, it is also related to claustrophobia and even agoraphobia in some cases, causing extreme symptoms of negativity towards flying both psychologically and physically.

People suffering from Aerophobia sometimes complain of fear of all kinds of open spaces (agoraphobia), fear of confined spaces (claustrophobia), or even fear of falling, causing a detrimental development in the sufferer’s quality of life.

Reasons for fear of flying

There can be several individual reasons leading to aerophobia, some of the most common ones being a bad past experience, adverse reaction to media reports displaying terrorist activities or mid-flight emergencies, fear of confined spaces.

Fear of flying

Worldwide more people die on the roads every day than die in air crashes in a year. But images of a relatively rare air disaster make far better TV news than a two car smash on the motorway. Making big air disasters become engrained in some people’s minds until they become a genuine fear.

There are also many reasons that spike in your “nervousness” levels may occur acrophobia, travel sickness, turbulence, fear of terrorism, etc. One other curious fact about fear of flying is that it is the only fear that is known to possibly increase the more you encounter the situation.

Fear of flying is common

This fear is very common and affects one in every six people. During such attacks, the body’s adrenalin level spikes upwards and the flow of blood in your body greatly increases, causing the human body to cease to function in a normal fashion.

Meaning people who are afraid of snakes will usually loose that fear if they encounter snakes on a regular basis. For some people the more they fly the worse the fear can become. There is a range of ideas you can implement in order to overcome your fear of flying.

Applying Relaxation Techniques

There are a couple of relaxation methods that you can apply on yourself to save you from this and other kinds of fear and stress. Muscular Relaxation, this technique concentrates on relaxing the musculo-skeletal system from the anxiety and fear that it is bearing. Deep-Breathing. These exercises will help you calm down and relieve you from stress and tension. Read More

Escape From the Cold Weather with a Hot African Vacation!

If you’re seeing snow and feeling cold in your host country, then you definitely have our sympathy — it’s never easy to deal with the cold months of the year. However, if you know that you have some vacation time coming up, you might want to think about places to go that could help you break out of your cold wintry shell and into somewhere tropical and pleasing. Believe it or not, you can actually escape from the cold weather with a hot African vacation!

Of course, you will need to think about where in Africa that you want to go. Africa is a continent filled with many different countries, and many travelers often get this wrong when they’re trying to look for the best place to go within Africa to begin with.

You might think that Africa has nothing to offer, especially considering that there aren’t as many guides for Africa as there are for other parts of the world. Many people also worry that the civil wars and unrest within African nations make it a place to avoid on the whole. The reality is that there are many parts of Africa that are actually quite safe — for example, many people go down to Morocco quite often with no troubles, and they enjoy the best of African as well as Arabic culture just about any time they wish.

African Vacation

Even if you have chosen the country that you want to check out, you will need to think about how you want to actually set up your trip. For example, you might want to go with a nice African cruise. This gives you the ability to see certain parts of Africa without feeling like you’re completely on your own. Instead of going out on your own you will be with a group — this also gives you a built in social group that can help you build memories that will truly last for a lifetime.

There’s no reason why you can’t start out with the cruise style first, and then go for a land-based trip when you’re feeling more confident. Many people start with cruises because they’re a very luxurious way to see Africa, and the shocking news is that they are quite affordable as well.

So, if you’re tired of cold weather where you live, travel to Africa for a hot vacation — in more ways than one!

Which city to visit next?

A Look At Minsk

Minsk, the largest city and the capital city of Belarus, is the home to over 1,800,000 million people. Since the fall of communism the city has developed into the city we know today, as it has gained the attributes of a newly founded country’s capital city.

Getting around Minsk should not be a problem with the array of trams, trolleybusses and busses. Look for an apartment or a flat for rent in Minsk that is near to a stop on one of the lines and you will soon be traversing the city.


For sightseeing, there is plenty to see and do. Take in the range of Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches, or there are a variety of war, arts folklore, literary and other museums to pass some time away in.

For the night owls, there are clubs (which usually open only at weekends) from late evening until the early hours. But these are scattered around Minsk, rather than being concentrated in a single zone.

Tel Aviv

If you are heading out to Tel Aviv this year, what are you going to do and where will you be staying whilst you are there?

Well, there is a good choice of Tel Aviv Hotels and apartments to choose from. Have a look through a brochure or travel guide website to draw up a shortlist of suitable accommodation that you fancy. Then, work out what you are going to do in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Beach

For example, you might like to try Carmel Market. Here you will find a taste of real life Israel on offer for you to experience, as locals go about their shopping. From clothes to food, there is a lot of shopping on offer in the market!

To have a bit of a relaxing time, you can just head down to Tel Aviv beach. There can be a lot going on there to watch, and maybe to join in with, but do not forget to apply the sunscreen to protect your skin from the strong rays of the sun!

Tel Aviv Port is another free place to visit, with or without children. There is quite often plenty going on and lots to see around this busy port. Well worth a wander down there!

The Struggling Travel Agency on Our High Streets

Ask any travel agent what they think about the internet and it is pretty much guaranteed that they will suddenly develop a strange kind of facial tick and turn a shade of pale white. The internet is definitely destroying the traditional travel agency and this industry has had to evolve quickly in order to compensate for this fact.

It would appear that we have all become travel agents within a very short space of time. With the help of the internet, we can now search for anything from flights to La Paz, in Bolivia, to Rome apartments in Italy. We can source a range of different quotes, through a myriad different companies, and ascertain what the best deal will be for us.

Travel Agency

Existing travel agents are tending to find that the majority of their business is coming from customers who lack experience and confidence in using the internet. Where they do have to compete with internet surfers who will more than likely book everything from their airport to hotel through comparison sites, they have to make it very appealing to book through them, rather than the comfort of your own home; and this is where they are definitely struggling.

However, there are certain advantages to travel agents that cannot be rivalled through booking your holiday over the internet. First and foremost, you feel as though you have someone behind you every step of the way on your holiday. If something goes wrong, you feel you have a first point of contact to rely upon.

You will also be able to enjoy specialist knowledge and advice through the agent and this is something that cannot be compensated for over the internet.

A vacation can be affordable if you have financial problems

You need a break. If you have been working hard to get your finances in order you probably are dying to get away for a while and relax. A vacation doesn’t have to be something you have to wait for until you can afford it. If you know how to save money you can afford to go on a very inexpensive vacation without sacrificing having a good time while you are gone. Try these tips

Feet and transit

In most cities you can get around very easily among the tourist destinations on foot or public transit. Not only will it be much cheaper than renting a car, but you can avoid the headaches and expense of driving in an unfamiliar city and finding parking.


Drive away

Driving to your vacation can save you a lot, especially if you are traveling with a family. You will save even more by getting your car well tuned before you go. Keep your tires full. Soft tires waste gas and wreck the tread. Keep your oil full, have it changed and tune the engine. Spending a bit now will save a whole lot later.

What about the train?

The train is a great way to comfortably see a whole lot of the country. It is much cheaper than flying and you get to see something along the way. You can relax and avoid the stress of driving. Most train stations are right downtown in the best parts of the cities you want to visit. Shopping around a bit and booking in advance can save you even more money.

Book early for cruises

If you want to go on a cruise, you will get a great deal if you book a long time in advance. By planning early about your trip, you can have the trip you want for much less than you would have to spend later on for the same trip.

Plan your hotels.

A little bit of strategy can save you a whole bunch of money. Hotels located in business districts of cities will often be much cheaper on the weekends when business people are not using them. Resorts and leisure hotels, on the other hand, are often cheaper during the week, when many tourists are back at work. Plan your itinerary so that you are staying in the cheapest places at the best times. Your wallet will thank you. The internet is a great way to shop for the best hotel deals.

Planning a Local Holiday

If you are tired of conventional overseas holidays and you feel bored at the thought of heading to another tourist resort, you may well consider exploring your own country from a new perspective.

A local holiday can be a great option. Executed well, you will find that you save money and that you begin to appreciate your homeland in a way that you previously did not. Often, it is a good idea to book yourself onto a guided tour of a certain region, for example, or to hire Sprite caravans with friends and drive through the beautiful countryside.

Local Holiday

In order to make sure that you get the very best from your local vacation, you might like to organise things through a good travel agency. There are benefits to planning events on your own; however, a well-trained agent specialising in local culture and history will be able to direct you to the best locations and the most interesting sights.

Browse the web for travel agencies whose focus is local holiday-planning. You will find that you have a variety of different companies to choose from. Use reviews and client write-ups to make your final decision; the perspective of other holiday-makers will allow you to evaluate which option is best for you.

Holidaying abroad can be wonderful, however, for a change, you might like to organise a trip through your own country. Plan your local holiday with the help of an excellent, specialist travel agency; the extra cost will doubtless be worth it in the long run.

Vacations for people in debt

If you have gone through financial or credit problems and you are trying to get out of trouble, the first sacrifice you probably have to make is giving up vacations for a year or two. As you begin to get out of trouble you may be able to afford a much needed break, provided you follow these tips for low-cost vacations. As with all things, it is important to make a realistic budget that will work for your financial situation and then stick to it. If you stick to these tips it doesn’t take much cash to have a vacation of your dreams.

Be flexible

If it doesn’t really matter when you leave or when you return you can save yourself a lot of money. Everyone wants to fly at the busiest times – generally weekends. You can take advantage of lower fares if you can fly midweek or at times of year that fewer people travel. You can even take this flexibility a step further by being flexible about where you go. You can save a lot of money by choosing the type of destination you want (like a beach, for example) and then going to the destination that fits the criteria and is the cheapest.

low cost vacations
Shop around

Use the internet to find the best deals around. There are lots of websites specifically designed to find the lowest prices. Look around and find the best deal you can. Also look at the websites of airlines to see if they have any deals or incentives that can help you save. It doesn’t have to take forever to find the best price. You can do a good survey of the deals in less than half an hour. The time is very worth it.

Use air miles

If you have a credit card or other loyalty program that lets you collect air miles for your spending, use it to make your purchases. Just be sure to pay off your purchases right away to avoid further financial troubles. If you are going to be spending money anyway, you might as well get something for it.

Save on Rental cars

Before you leave on your trip, use the internet to shop around for the best car rental deal. You can often get very good deals if you look around a bit for them. One great tip is to book a car in low season, even if you will be using it in the peak season. The rates will be lower then than they will be if you book in the high season. If you haven’t spent the time looking around for a deal before you go, don’t rent a car at the airport. There are surcharges and higher rates at the airport. Go into the nearest city or town and rent there for a better deal.

Interesting Facts That You May Want To Know About Australia

If you are planning to visit Australia, you will appreciate the following interesting facts about the country’s industries, history, people, and culture. Both natives and visitors to the region find the country fascinating and informative according. The country is a ‘misnamed country’ but it actually forms one of the seven continents in the globe.

The government’s mode of operation is borrowed from the west, and the democracy is home to about 22 million people and is one of the most urbanized continents of the world. Actually about 70% of the population lives in the cities compared to 30% who live in the rural areas. Apart from borrowing most of its governmental operations from the west, the country is largely multicultural since about 40% of the population is either immigrant of immigrants’ children, with a half of them coming from non-English speaking countries.


Australia is the only country that occupies an entire continent, and is in a unique position globally. The entire nation measures about 7.7 million square kilometers, which is a little smaller than Antarctica, and is the flattest and driest continent providing a wide range of climatic conditions and topographies, and boasts of a 37,000-kilometer coastline.

Due to the continents isolation from the other continents, this has allowed it to have a diverse and rich ecosystem, of both flora and fauna. You will find animals such a koalas thriving due to lack of competition from similar species, as well as a rich populace of birds. Some of the other famous animals that you are likely to find include platypus, kangaroo along with the koala, while some of the famous flora include the gum tree or eucalyptus, acacia and other fossilized plants and unique wildflowers.

Australians speak English as their official language, and at the same time, Australian English has some unique slang expressions and slangs that distinguish it from American, UK or other English languages. The flag consists of a small union jack that links it to Britain, as well as a large 7-pointed star that represents the six Australian states and territories.

The unique culture, people, flora, and fauna are what make Australia stand out from other continents, as well as its unique geographical locations. You also find that Australians are proud of the country’s unique history and that is the same reason that the country attracts a huge number of visitors each year, especially during Australian summer, which is winter in the north.

Travel to Sydney On a Budget

Given the globalization in the world, more and more people are travelling to new and exotic places every year. Many people in the urban cities around the world plan for an annual vacation each year. Many go to Europe and the Americas. There is little doubt that these two continents attract most of the global tourists however there are other continents and countries too that are equally mesmerizing. For instance, Africa is a world in itself. Africa is the gateway of nature and wildlife. South Africa in particular is among the top tourist destinations in the southern hemisphere.

Another country that ranks among the best places for holidays in the southern hemisphere is Australia. Unique accent, heaps of beer, sporting nation and diverse culture makes Australia one of the best places you can be. Australia is a very large country with rich and significant history. Cities like Sydney and Melbourne are one of the finest urban populated places there is. Australia is far away from many countries in the world and therefore the travel expense may be little heavier on your pocket. However, that being said, there are several travel routes that are popular such as flights from Cairns to Sydney and to Melbourne too that are easy on the pocket. You can get the best deals provided you book the tickets in advance.

Travel to Sydney

There are many places to visit in Sydney like the Opera House and of course, the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you are a water person and love beaches then there is Bondi Beach which attracts millions of people every year. From scuba diving to snorkeling and from parasailing to surfing – this beach has got it all.

Melbourne, the other big city of Australia is unique in its own way. Melbourne has arts and theatre, great nightclubs and is the sporting capital of the nation. The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) hosts the famous Boxing Day cricket match and of course, the Formula One race is held in Melbourne too.

Australia throws at you the opportunity to meet its Aboriginal people with great history and of course, live the best of the past and modern day. With these budget flights, you sure will enjoy it all without burning a hole in your pocket!