Interesting Facts That You May Want To Know About Australia

If you are planning to visit Australia, you will appreciate the following interesting facts about the country’s industries, history, people, and culture. Both natives and visitors to the region find the country fascinating and informative according. The country is a ‘misnamed country’ but it actually forms one of the seven continents in the globe.

The government’s mode of operation is borrowed from the west, and the democracy is home to about 22 million people and is one of the most urbanized continents of the world. Actually about 70% of the population lives in the cities compared to 30% who live in the rural areas. Apart from borrowing most of its governmental operations from the west, the country is largely multicultural since about 40% of the population is either immigrant of immigrants’ children, with a half of them coming from non-English speaking countries.


Australia is the only country that occupies an entire continent, and is in a unique position globally. The entire nation measures about 7.7 million square kilometers, which is a little smaller than Antarctica, and is the flattest and driest continent providing a wide range of climatic conditions and topographies, and boasts of a 37,000-kilometer coastline.

Due to the continents isolation from the other continents, this has allowed it to have a diverse and rich ecosystem, of both flora and fauna. You will find animals such a koalas thriving due to lack of competition from similar species, as well as a rich populace of birds. Some of the other famous animals that you are likely to find include platypus, kangaroo along with the koala, while some of the famous flora include the gum tree or eucalyptus, acacia and other fossilized plants and unique wildflowers.

Australians speak English as their official language, and at the same time, Australian English has some unique slang expressions and slangs that distinguish it from American, UK or other English languages. The flag consists of a small union jack that links it to Britain, as well as a large 7-pointed star that represents the six Australian states and territories.

The unique culture, people, flora, and fauna are what make Australia stand out from other continents, as well as its unique geographical locations. You also find that Australians are proud of the country’s unique history and that is the same reason that the country attracts a huge number of visitors each year, especially during Australian summer, which is winter in the north.