See the stunning Northern Lights in Lapland this winter

Nature is mystical, to say the least. With its beautiful offerings all across the universe, it tends to amaze people leaving them wondering how lovely it is to experience the world at its natural best. The Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis is one such natural phenomenon that can leave all its witnesses truly spell bound.

The Aurora Borealis (commonly known as the Northern Lights) is referred to the northern dawn which is witnessed in the northern hemisphere. It is actually a natural light display in the sky, visible in the high altitude arctic region. It is caused because of some natural collisions that occur between the energetic charged particles with atoms which are ejected from the sun in solar wind. Quite scientific this might sound, but he result is a stunning display of lights in the sky; something that is extraordinarily beautiful.

Northern Lights in Lapland

2013 is considered to be among the best of times to witness these amazing Northern Lights. That’s because, experts at NASA claim that this year, due to some special combination of circumstances; the Northern Lights will be at their brightest best in comparison to the last 50 years. There are a few locations that you can choose to witness the stunning Northern Lights. Off the different locations that are popular for viewing the Northern Lights, it is best to see the Northern Lights in Lapland as this Finnish town is considered to be a hotspot for viewing the beautiful Northern Lights.

Being set in the far north zone to be primarily in the ‘Northern Lights Zone’ and because of its low level of atmospheric pollution, Lapland is definitely the most preferred destination to view the Northern Lights. These lights that can be witnessed quite regularly in the skies above the town offer an enthralling view to the tourists.

While you wait for the viewing the Lights in Lapland, you can enjoy several other activities like reindeer sledging, snowshoeing, husky rides, etc. Many tourists wait for a long time to witness the natural wonder – the Northern Lights in order to have an experience of a lifetime. The best time to visit Lapland to witness the Northern Lights is between November and March.