Which city to visit next?

A Look At Minsk

Minsk, the largest city and the capital city of Belarus, is the home to over 1,800,000 million people. Since the fall of communism the city has developed into the city we know today, as it has gained the attributes of a newly founded country’s capital city.

Getting around Minsk should not be a problem with the array of trams, trolleybusses and busses. Look for an apartment or a flat for rent in Minsk that is near to a stop on one of the lines and you will soon be traversing the city.


For sightseeing, there is plenty to see and do. Take in the range of Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches, or there are a variety of war, arts folklore, literary and other museums to pass some time away in.

For the night owls, there are clubs (which usually open only at weekends) from late evening until the early hours. But these are scattered around Minsk, rather than being concentrated in a single zone.

Tel Aviv

If you are heading out to Tel Aviv this year, what are you going to do and where will you be staying whilst you are there?

Well, there is a good choice of Tel Aviv Hotels and apartments to choose from. Have a look through a brochure or travel guide website to draw up a shortlist of suitable accommodation that you fancy. Then, work out what you are going to do in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Beach

For example, you might like to try Carmel Market. Here you will find a taste of real life Israel on offer for you to experience, as locals go about their shopping. From clothes to food, there is a lot of shopping on offer in the market!

To have a bit of a relaxing time, you can just head down to Tel Aviv beach. There can be a lot going on there to watch, and maybe to join in with, but do not forget to apply the sunscreen to protect your skin from the strong rays of the sun!

Tel Aviv Port is another free place to visit, with or without children. There is quite often plenty going on and lots to see around this busy port. Well worth a wander down there!