The Struggling Travel Agency on Our High Streets

Ask any travel agent what they think about the internet and it is pretty much guaranteed that they will suddenly develop a strange kind of facial tick and turn a shade of pale white. The internet is definitely destroying the traditional travel agency and this industry has had to evolve quickly in order to compensate for this fact.

It would appear that we have all become travel agents within a very short space of time. With the help of the internet, we can now search for anything from flights to La Paz, in Bolivia, to Rome apartments in Italy. We can source a range of different quotes, through a myriad different companies, and ascertain what the best deal will be for us.

Travel Agency

Existing travel agents are tending to find that the majority of their business is coming from customers who lack experience and confidence in using the internet. Where they do have to compete with internet surfers who will more than likely book everything from their airport to hotel through comparison sites, they have to make it very appealing to book through them, rather than the comfort of your own home; and this is where they are definitely struggling.

However, there are certain advantages to travel agents that cannot be rivalled through booking your holiday over the internet. First and foremost, you feel as though you have someone behind you every step of the way on your holiday. If something goes wrong, you feel you have a first point of contact to rely upon.

You will also be able to enjoy specialist knowledge and advice through the agent and this is something that cannot be compensated for over the internet.