A vacation can be affordable if you have financial problems

You need a break. If you have been working hard to get your finances in order you probably are dying to get away for a while and relax. A vacation doesn’t have to be something you have to wait for until you can afford it. If you know how to save money you can afford to go on a very inexpensive vacation without sacrificing having a good time while you are gone. Try these tips

Feet and transit

In most cities you can get around very easily among the tourist destinations on foot or public transit. Not only will it be much cheaper than renting a car, but you can avoid the headaches and expense of driving in an unfamiliar city and finding parking.


Drive away

Driving to your vacation can save you a lot, especially if you are traveling with a family. You will save even more by getting your car well tuned before you go. Keep your tires full. Soft tires waste gas and wreck the tread. Keep your oil full, have it changed and tune the engine. Spending a bit now will save a whole lot later.

What about the train?

The train is a great way to comfortably see a whole lot of the country. It is much cheaper than flying and you get to see something along the way. You can relax and avoid the stress of driving. Most train stations are right downtown in the best parts of the cities you want to visit. Shopping around a bit and booking in advance can save you even more money.

Book early for cruises

If you want to go on a cruise, you will get a great deal if you book a long time in advance. By planning early about your trip, you can have the trip you want for much less than you would have to spend later on for the same trip.

Plan your hotels.

A little bit of strategy can save you a whole bunch of money. Hotels located in business districts of cities will often be much cheaper on the weekends when business people are not using them. Resorts and leisure hotels, on the other hand, are often cheaper during the week, when many tourists are back at work. Plan your itinerary so that you are staying in the cheapest places at the best times. Your wallet will thank you. The internet is a great way to shop for the best hotel deals.